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Kindle Wireless Reading Devise-Number 1 eBook Reader!
Price/Value 5/5
Display 5/5
Titles Available 5/5
Features 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Easy-To-Use 5/5
Battery Life 5/5
Kindle Electronic Reader-Product Rated 100% for eBook Readers 2008!
Kindle-Best Digital eBook Reader 2008 Award
Kindle eBook Reader Price Range

Kindle by Amazon-Our # 1 pick offers new display technology… electronic paper… sharp and natural as ink on paper… no glare screen. Wireless content delivery via 3G Network. Not WiFi, no hotspots, no service plans or contracts. Amazon’s Whispernet automatically delivers newspaper and magazine subscriptions… get a book in one minute no matter where you are. Download and read the beginning of books for free; 2 week trial newspaper subscriptions… try before you buy. Paperback book size, expandable memory, full travel library. Ambidextrous design both “lefties” and “righties” can use.

New high-resolution electronic paper technology is used. Crisp, black and white paper-like screen, has appearance and readability of printed paper. The screen works using actual ink by displaying ink particles electronically. Reads like ordinary paper… no backlights eliminates glare and never gets hot. Whether in bright sunlight or in your living room… the Kindle reads like a paperback.

Content and Accessibility
Whispernet combines Sprint’s National high-speed (EVDO) network and Amazon’s optimized technology. Amazon pays for Kindle’s wireless connectivity. Your Kindle wireless is already setup for you. There is no WiFi hotspot dependency. Kindle utilizes the huge National Sprint Network. Search, click , buy and start reading immediately from the Kindle store within one minute. Have the same great Amazon.com customer experience including customer reviews, personalized recommendations and low prices. Selections are auto-delivered wirelessly even the latest titles.

Mobile Library
Every book or content you buy is also backed-up online in “Your Media Library” allowing room on Kindle for any new titles. Also, download to your computer “Your Media Library” and USB back to your Kindle. Kindle stores hundreds of titles. Add even more by adding memory with SD memory cards. This reader weighs only 10.3 ounces. Kindle is thinner than a paperback and fits into one hand.

Kindle is just like using a book. Full-length, vertical page reading and turning with page buttons located on both sides for reading and turning pages comfortably. A reader designed ergonomically for “lefties”, “righties” and one-handed use. The search feature allows you to search across your library. Just type in a word or phrase and Kindle finds every instance across your entire Kindle library. Then easily jump directly to that instance. Even explore further by searching Wikipedia. The keyboard is special. Kindle’s QWERTY puts all titles, newspapers, magazines at your finger-tip. Just click, buy, and read.

Battery Life
Recharges fully in 2 hours and long battery life of a week or more when wireless turned off. Recharge every other day when wireless in full use.

Built-in 250,000 word New Oxford American Dictionary allows look up while you read. Meanings and definitions instantly as you go without interrupting your reading. Wireless access to Wikipedia. Free, built-in access to the largest up-to-date encyclopedia in the world allows look up of people, places and events.

Kindle was chosen as our # 1 pick because new content is available anywhere by the automatic wireless nationwide network provided free with no setup or contract. Hundreds of thousands of books, newspapers, magazines and content are currently available. New display technology paper-like crisp electronic ink provides reading experience without glare. Kindle’s ease of use, battery life of 7 days or more and many accessories with built-in 250,000 word dictionary make us confident this is to be the best choice for eBook readers.
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Kindle eBook Reader Main Features
Wireless Auto Content Downloads
Unlimited Online Backups
Free National Wireless Service
Paper-Like Display
Whispernet Technology
Wireless Wikipedia Free
200k + Current Titles Available

Key Kindle Digital Reader Features!
Newspaper/Magazine Free Trials Subs
Ergonomic For “Righties/Lefties”
Search across E-Library
Try-Before-Buy eBooks Wireless
Full Recharges in 2 Hours

Bonus Features of Kindle eReader from Amazon
250,000 Word Built-In Dictionary

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Kindle Reader by Amazon is ranked # 1 on the Top 5 List = Best Reader Overall + Best Features

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