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Digital eBook Reader by ECTACO-eBook Reader
Price/Value 4/5
Display 5/5
Titles Available 5/5
Features 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Easy-To-Use 5/5
Battery Life 5/5
eBook Reader-JetBook Ranking

eBook Reader Price Range - JetBook Reader by ECTACO

JetBook Reader by ECTACO-Our # 2 pick. The JetBook Reader is capable of storing thousands of books, internally 95 and expandable via memory cards. A universal mobile library that can be used for eBooks in the world’s most popular languages. You can view picture files and play music . The display is 5-inches at high resolution and has a viewing angle of nearly 180°. Site impaired individuals can adjust several different fonts and their sizes. Portable and can fit in the palm of your hand weighing 7.5 ounces.

This display is different than other high end eBook readers. The screen is a VGA reflective monochrome TFT 5-inch display. You can easily read in sunshine or low lit areas. This is possible because the display reflects light without the need for backlighting. Also, because there is no backlighting your eyes do not become fatigued. Portrait and landscape views are interchangeable easily. JetBook displays .txt, .pdf and .jpg. You can also display eBooks in the most popular languages.

Content and Accessibility
The JetBook Reader comes with a collection of eBooks pre-installed free. Easily add to the collection through any properly formatted eBook Internet store or source.

Mobile Library
Internal flash-memory stores 95 full length eBooks. In addition, an SD card slot allows 2GB cars to expand storage. Therefore, you could expand your e-library unlimited at 2GB per SD card thus making JetBook an important entirely portable resource library.

Powerful built-in search engine allows term searching across your entire e-library. Instances of your search term are presented and a 1-click action immediately takes you to the page of your selection. Bookmarking allows quick navigation to previously reviewed subject matter and content. The advanced T9 input method is employed to auto-complete words as you type. Alphanumeric keypad like common mobile phones makes easy, fast and accurate entries. An auto page-turning function allows you to set your reading speed for hands-free page-turning. Toggle auto page-turning off for manual operation. Choose from 6 different font sizes and several typefaces.

Battery Life
The internal Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery provides 20 hours of active use or in terms of pages 11,500 continuous page turns on a single charge. Charges fully in 5 hours from USB connected to your PC and only 4 hours with the included AC/DC power adapter.

Built-in dictionaries are pre-loaded. Translating dictionaries of English <-> Russian, English <-> Polish, and English explanatory dictionaries make easy to lookup and not interrupt your reading experience. Music files as with other types files can be uploaded and downloaded from your PC using the included USB cable. A built-in MP3 player that supports background playback provides music and other MP3 enjoyment while you are reading.

We chose the JetBook Reader as our # 2 pick for many compelling reasons. Multilanguage eBook support and translating is a very different feature from others. In addition to supporting text in most popular formats, pictures in .jpg are supported. Navigation is superior and easy. Adjustable auto page-turning for hands-free reading is a very nice feature. And the JetBook Reader plays MP3 music in background mode. The slot for 2GB interchangeable SD cards provide for virtually unlimited e-library portability. Landscape and portrait delivered from the 5-inch high-resolution display at just 7.5 ounces. If you don’t require the wireless national network Kindle offers then this is your eBook reader choice.
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Kindle eBook Reader Main Features
11,500 Page-Turns One Charge
Internal Storage of 95 eBooks
VGA Reflective TFT 5-Inch Display
Only 7 ½ Ounces
Portrait/Landscape Views
Advanced Reader & Navigation

Key Kindle Digital Reader Features!
Supports 2GB SD Cards
Search Engine Built-In
Multi-Language eBook Reader
T9 Auto Word Completing
Adjustable Auto Page-Turning

Bonus Features of Kindle eReader from Amazon
6 Font Sizes & Several Fonts
Full Charge 4 Hours
Built-In Dictionaries
MP3 Player
Language Translator
USB 2.0 Support

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JetBook Reader is ranked # 2 on the Top 5 List = Top Reader Overall + Strong Features

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