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eBookMan EBM-911 by Franklin
Price/Value 5/5
Display 3/5
Titles Available 3/5
Features 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Easy-To-Use 5/5
Battery Life 3/5
"Rank for eBook Reader Franklin eBookMan EBM-911

Digital eReader Price Range - Franklin eBookMan EBM-911

Franklin eBookMan EBM-911 -Our # 5 pick! The Franklin eBookMan EBM-911 is not a dedicated eBook Reader. The Franklin eBookMan EBM-911 is an eBook Reader, a language translator, dictionary, language learning tool and MP3 player. The Franklin eBookMan EBM-911 has a high resolution touch screen. Voice memos can be recorded and has an impressive address book and organizer. The weight is only 6 ½ ounces and measures approximately 5 ¼ inches x 3 ½ inches x ½ inch.

The display is an LCD 240 pixels by 200 pixels, has a 16-layer grayscale screen and high-resolution touch screen with enhanced polarizers. Because these are not eBook readers, these do not employ latest technology ease of read screens. So you won’t have the luxury of non-glare read in sunlight technologies as with other higher rated units.

Content and Accessibility
Primarily used for language learning and translating there are several language pairs available: English-Spanish, English-Dutch, English-German, English-French, English-Italian, English-Portuguese, and English-Swedish. eBook titles can be sourced from online outlets where eBook formats are compatible.

Mobile Library
Franklin eBookMan EBM-911 has 50MB of free disk space beyond the other applications installed. Therefore, your limitation is free disk space. Although not many eBook titles can be stored directly on this unit eBooks can be easily swapped out between your PC via USB. Additional eBooks can be stored on MMC (Multi Media Cards) to allow more of a portable library.

Navigation is enhanced due to the screen operation. However, since this unit is not a dedicated eBook reader, navigation through a title and searching are limited.

Battery Life
Two AAA batteries are included but are not rechargeable.

A bidirectional dictionary is included from one of the 7 language pairs available and has a vocabulary of 520,000 entries. Core applications include: Franklin Viewer • Franklin Reader • Audiobook Player • Music Player • Date Book • Address Book • Voice Memo • Memo Book • ToDo Book • Calculator. Desktop applications include: eBookMan Desktop Manager with Outlook® synchronization powered by Intellisync® for eBookMan. A stylus and cradle with USB connector are included. Hardware features include: USB port • MultiMediaCard (MMC) slot • Headphone jack • Speaker • Microphone • Backlight.

Although not a dedicated eBook reader the Franklin eBookMan EBM-911 has many features that hold appeal. If language and translating have value to you then the Franklin eBookMan EBM-911 has impressive capabilities. If you want to record memos, listen to MP3 music or want a personal organizer complete with address book, date book, ToDo book and calculator then the Franklin eBookMan EBM-911 may be just what you are looking for.
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Kindle eBook Reader Main Features
High Resolution Touch Screen
Measures 5 ¼ X 3 ½ X ½
LCD 240 by 200 Pixels Display
16-Layer Grayscale Screen

Key Kindle Digital Reader Features!
Memo Voice Recording
MP3 Player
Audio Book Player
Language Translation
Address Book
Date Book
Swappable Multi Media Cards

Bonus Features of Kindle eReader from Amazon
520,000 Entry Bi-Directional Dictionaries
MS Outlook Synchronization
Cradle with USB Included
USB Port
Headphone Jack

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Franklin eBookMan EBM-911 is ranked # 5 on the Top 5 list = Good Product + Fair Features

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