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Sony Portable Reader System PRS-505
Price/Value 4/5
Display 5/5
Titles Available 5/5
Features 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Easy-To-Use 4/5
Battery Life 5/5
Digital eBook Reader-Sony Portable Reader System PRS-505 Ranking

eBook Reader Price Range - Sony Portable Reader System PRS-505

Sony Portable Reader System PRS-505-is our # 3 pick. Utilizing e Ink® technology with a 6-inch screen it has the effect of being paper-like reading. Can be read in bright sunlight and has high contrast with near 180° viewing angle and 3 different font sizes to choose. Ultra portable without case weighs only 9 ounces and half an inch thick. Stores 160 eBooks and can be held in one hand. Rechargeable battery lasts 7,500 page turns on a single charge. Removable memory cards can store hundreds of additional books.

The new e Ink® technology provides paper-like reading. No eye strain just like a real book. Nearly 180° view angle, high contrast, high resolution makes viewable even in direct sunlight. What is exceptional is no power is needed to maintain the page image, so the battery lasts incredibly long.

Content and Accessibility
Thousands of titles available for download. At Sony’s eBook Store you can search, discover, buy and download popular titles with supplied USB cable. Over 20,000 best sellers, classics and other meaningful content are currently available to drag and drop from your PC to your eBook Reader.

Mobile Library
Sony Portable Reader System PRS-505 stores 160 books out of the box. Additional titles can be stored on Memory Sticks. PRS-505 supports Memory Stick Duo up to 8GB and SD memory cards up to 2GB. So hundreds and hundreds of additional books can travel with you. 

Screen can rotate between portrait and landscape. You can use Page Forward and Page Back buttons to advance page-by-page or hold a few seconds to advance 10 pages at a time. You can use the Page Number buttons to type a page in and advance directly to that page. If you make a mistake there is an undo method to back out. When you are done reading and turn off the Reader your place is held automatically. Once you turn your unit back on, you are where you left off. Search and select Books by Title, Books by Author even Books by Date. Books are also categorized grouped alphabetically or by dates.

Battery Life
7,500 page turns can take place before you need to recharge the internal battery. Because no power is required to maintain a page image, long battery life is achieved. 7,500 page turns can take place before you need to recharge the internal battery in only a few hours. AC Adapter or USB from your PC can recharge in as little as 4 hours.
Included is the eBook Library 2.0 PC Software. eBook Library 2.0 allows quick transfers for Adobe® PDF documents, Microsoft Word documents, BBeB® Book and other text file formats to the this Digital eBook Reader. It doubles as an MP3 and AAC player if the files are unsecured

Sony Portable Reader System PRS-505 is an impressive Portable eBook Reader for many reasons. This portable eBook Reader Stores 160 eBooks internally. Navigation is easy. New e Ink® technology provides a display that makes no-strain reading even in direct sunlight much like a real paperback and near 180° viewing angle and 3 different font sizes. 7,500 page turns are possible before recharging. Thousands of titles are currently available and can be downloaded and transferred from your PC with supplied USB cable. Memory Sticks and SD Cards can store hundreds of books. Although, our # 3 pick, this is still a very important eBook Reader and worth consideration.
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Kindle eBook Reader Main Features
Memory Stick Support to 8GB
SD Memory Cards Up To 2GB
Portrait/Landscape Views
Easy Navigation
Stores 160 Full Ebooks Internally
E Ink Display Technology
7,500 Page Turns per Charge
180 Degree Angle Display Views

Key Kindle Digital Reader Features!
Searches across Entire E-Library
Recharges in 4 Hours
eBook Library Software
3 Font Sizes
No Strain Reading

Bonus Features of Kindle eReader from Amazon
Free eBook Titles Available
Sony eBook Store Searching

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Sony Portable Reader PRS-505 is our # 3 on the Top 5 list = Very Good Display + Strong Features

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