Top 5 Digital Pianos Compared for Features/Value and Price
Yamaha P70 Digital Piano
Price/Value 4/5
Sound Quality 3/5
Play Quality 4/5
Acoustics 4/5
Reliability 5/5
Features 4/5
Accessories 4/5
Yamaha P70 Digital Piano-Ranking
Yamaha P70 Digital Piano is a Valued Product
Yamaha P70 Digital Piano Price Range

Yamaha P70 Digital Piano

There is a good reason why this digital stage piano sounds like an acoustic piano. The Yamaha P70 uses a special stereo sampling process called AWM. AWM is the Advanced Wave Memory Sampling. Yamaha’s special technique records samples in full stereo approach. The result is the sound of a true Grand piano because you are able to get an accurate representation of every note across the stereo field. Because of this, tone is accurate and each tone contains warmth and character. Fundamental tonal quality is what should be your primary concern when selecting any digital piano. And that is why this is our #5 pick of our Top 5 Digital Pianos. But there are many additional features. The GHS keyboard gives you the authentic touch and feel of a genuine acoustic piano. Half-damping expressions, onboard amplification, large preset library and other nice enhancements.

Digital Piano Sound Quality:

Because Yamaha is one of the exceptional manufacturers of both acoustic and electrical instruments, they are in a unique situation to represent acoustic pianos into digital stage pianos. In part, you can understand how this would lead them to their special Advanced Wave Memory technique for stereo sampling. So the quality is as close to acoustic as we could imagine. Definitely if a professional heard this digital piano without seeing it, would be as crisp as an acoustic piano. In addition, to the clean grand piano sound, this digital piano introduces several other “voices.” Voices are how Yamaha defines different instrumental sounds. Like the grand piano voice, their digital piano has a very clean pipe organ, strings and others. The sustain pedal imparts what you would expect only from an acoustic piano. In all, this digital stage piano delivers each voice faithfully along with warmth and character of each tone for every instrumental voice.

Playing this Digital Piano:

At the foundation of this stage digital piano is an 88 key (GHS) keyboard. GHS is Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Standard and this digital piano holds strictly to this standard. What we found different is where other producers of digital pianos will use a graded weight approach, they do so across either all keys or groups of keys; whereas this digital piano’s keys have been individually weighted. And although the difference is subtle, it becomes very apparent as you play for any period of time. Base keys have heavier action and treble keys less just as you would expect from genuine acoustic pianos. It’s an authentic touch and feel which means no transition time or learning curve to get past to use this digital piano. Playing experience is enhanced even more with damping pedals. Included is the F5 sustain pedal with the standard on/off damping which is more realistic than typical keyboard pianos. However, there is an optional half-damping pedal, the Yamaha F3 that really enhances the playing experience. The half- damping gives access to 127 levels of pedal-depth for way more detailed playing expressions. Therefore, you can let some notes ring out long and clear in degrees while clamping down on other notes. GHS individual key weight, AWS Stereo sampling, sustain and half- damping at 127 levels. The result is this digital stage piano delivers free-wheeling play and composition.

Other Digital Piano Features:

Dual 6-watt amplifiers are built in that drive two 12x6 cm stereo speakers. This makes the approximately 29 pound digital piano self-contained. There are 50 preset songs that can be for listening and learning. An interesting learning strategy is introduced because you mute left or right hand parts so you can build in steps. So you can work melody, bass and/or chording. We really liked this ability.

Digital Piano Accessories:

Included is the F5 sustain foot pedal for on/off damping. AC power adaptor is included. Ten Voices (instruments Yamaha calls Voices). Included are 2 headphone jacks for private practice and teaching privacy. MIDI I/O for controlling external drum machines and special effects processors and/or adding tracks to digital recording environment.


This digital piano is incredibly accurate in delivering acoustic piano realism. A grand piano voice that is impeccable, along with 9 other instrument voices that deliver equal accuracy. Yamaha’s AWS technology delivers note-by-note. The GHS Keyboard Standard and that each key is weighted individually rather than across keys or key groups, enables this stage piano to impart a true-to-life touch and feel. The 127 levels possible via the F3 half-damping pedal gives a sound and play experience otherwise not possible. We were quite pleased with this digital piano in every aspect and is why this is our #5 pick.
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Yamaha P70 Digital Piano Main Features
Advanced Wave Memory Sampling
GHS Keyboard
Ten Voices
Dual 6-Watt Amplifiers
Keys Individually Weighted
127 Level Half-Damping

Yamaha P70 Digital Piano System Features!
Half-Damping Expressions
29 Pound Digital Piano
50 Preset Songs

Bonus Features of Yamaha P70 Digital Piano
Sustain Pedal
2 Headphone Jacks

Buy Yamaha P70 Digital Piano at Current Best Price Now!
Yamaha P70 Digital Piano is ranked # 5 on the Top 5 List = Good Overall + Best Features

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