Top 5 Digital Pianos Compared for Features/Value and Price
M-Audio ProKeys 88 Stage Digital Piano
Price/Value 3/5
Sound Quality 5/5
Play Quality 4/5
Acoustics 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Features 5/5
Accessories 4/5
ProKeys 88 Digital Piano Product Rated 98% for our 2008 Pick
M-Audio ProKeys 88 Digital Stage Piano
M-Audio ProKeys 88 Stage Digital Piano-Price Range

M-Audio ProKeys 88 Stage Piano

Our #2 pick is M-Audio’s ProKeys 88 Stage Digital Piano. This digital piano is also a MIDI controller as you will find out. What is impressive about the ProKeys 88 Digital Piano is the sound bank memory. Built-in is a full 64MB of sound bank memory which is way more than normal for this class. Therefore, this digital stage piano is a great platform for composing. Another high mark for this digital piano is the 14 world-class masterfully tweaked “samples”. ProKeys 88 Digital Piano has split/layer capabilities and 88-key weighted hammer-action keyboard. This digital stage keyboard delivers excellent sound and weighs only 17 lbs.

Digital Piano Sound Quality:

One of the main reasons the ProKeys 88 is included in our Top 5 Digital Pianos is the sound quality. Sound quality of this digital stage piano is better than any other in its price range. It has a full complement of instruments: grand piano, electric pianos, organ and Clavinet. M-Audio’s ProKeys 88 piano has 126-note polyphony so reverberations are nearly as real as an acoustic piano. Because it is across 126 notes, extremely fast passes will not cut off any reverb.

Playing this Digital Piano:

Complementing this digital stage piano’s sound quality is its feel. Because of the 88-key weighted hammer-action keyboard you get a realistic feel of play. Combined with 3 velocity curves plus the fixed velocity, further optimizes the feel. In fact, this digital piano is the next best thing to a full hammer key action but without all the extra weight that would be required. In addition to the normal sustain pedal jack that almost all digital pianos have, this digital stage piano comes with the sostenuto pedal and an assignable expression pedal that can be used to control volume. All 3 pedals also double as MIDI controllers for outbound gear. Seven dedicated buttons make swapping in Grand Piano, Piano 2, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer E.P., Yamaha DX7 FM Classic E.P., Hammond B3 Percussion Organ and Clavinet. Many of these tones have multiple velocity layers. Rather than stuffing instruments into limited space the ProKeys 88 has focused on those 14 which players spend 80% to 90% of their time. By dedicating memory towards these 14 rather than sharing memory resources across many sounds that would rarely, if ever be used, robust, bold, full flavored music samples are delivered where it counts. Therefore, devoting extra resource to the multi-layer stereo samples of the Yamaha C7 concert grand, you get sound extremely close and detailed. The same is true with those other tones.

Other Digital Piano Features:

Pitch and modulation wheels. These performance wheels are rare on digital stage pianos. Added to these are sequencer controls all of which put a great deal of control over any MIDI gear. There are 7 dedicated remote MIDI controller buttons: MIDI Clock Stop/Start; Tempo Control; Program change; Channel; Bank LSB; Bank MSB; Local ON/OFF. Dual headphone jacks we like because practice or teaching sessions can be done in private. High-fidelity ¼ inch unbalanced audio output. This high fidelity output measures 20Hz-20,000Hz frequency response across 108dB range. Built-in USB MIDI interface for either PC or Mac computers along with software. We like the fact that the instrument features class are Windows XP and Mac OS X compliant therefore no additional drivers need installing.


M-Audio’s ProKeys 88 weighs only 17 lbs and therefore one of the lightest stage pianos on the market. Yet, this digital piano has the 14 premium sounds like the Yamaha C7 concert grand delivered impeccably. There are the 126-note polyphony reverbs that give a true-to-life acoustic piano sound. Because of the 88-key weighted hammer-action keyboard has a feel that is very close to acoustic pianos and yet without the weight constraint. The 3-pedal terminals provide a full pedal complement. This digital piano instrument provides great control over MIDI gear much more so than other digital stage pianos. The 64MB of memory provides great support for composing. In all, the ProKeys 88 Stage Piano is a very good digital piano and is our #2 pick.
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Buy M-Audio ProKeys 88 Stage Digital Piano Main Features
Weighs 17 Lbs
64MB Sound Bank Memory
126-Note Polyphony
14 Master Samples
3 Velocity Curves
Pitch & Modulation Wheels

Key Buy M-Audio ProKeys 88 Stage Digital Piano Features!
Multi-Layer Stereo Samples
Dual headphone jacks
Weighted Hammer-Action
MIDI Controllers
MIDI Clock

Bonus Features of Buy M-Audio ProKeys 88 Stage Digital Piano
Tempo Control
20Hz-20,000Hz Frequency Output
Built-in USB MIDI Interface
Interface to PC or Mac

Buy Buy M-Audio ProKeys 88 Stage Digital Piano at Current Best Price Now!
M-Audio ProKeys 88 Stage Digital Piano is our # 2 on the Top 5 List = Overall Features + Crisp Sound

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