Top 5 Digital Pianos Compared for Features/Value and Price
Casio PX320 Privia 88-Key Hammer-Action Digital Piano
Price/Value 5/5
Sound Quality 5/5
Play Quality 5/5
Acoustics 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Features 5/5
Accessories 5/5
Casio PX320 Privia Digital Piano Ranking 100% for Digital Pianos for 2008!
Stage Digital Piano-Casio PX320 Privia Digital Piano 2008 Award
Casio PX320 Digital Piano Price Range

Casio PX320 Privia 88-Key Hammer-Action Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX320 is our #1 pick. This digital stage piano virtually sounds identical to an acoustical grand piano. It has an amazing feel like an acoustic piano in play as well. This instrument has many outstanding features that should not be ignored. To begin with is its acoustic resonance. Sixty classical and ragtime favorites as internal demo music are part of the package. Two headphone jacks are built-in that accommodate student/teacher sessions. The AIF Sound Chip with 128-note polyphony note reverberations. Rather than notes cut off, natural reverberations simulate true grand piano sound. A damping pedal that sounds real that can catch note “decay” even after releasing keys. Light weight—weighs only 26 pounds. So there are many outstanding reasons why this is among our Top 5 Digital Piano picks and should not be ignored. Its place among the Top 5 Digital Pianos most especially earned for its song quality.

Digital Piano Sound Quality:

The main piano sound is solid across all 88 keys. This digital piano kicks out 202 sounds. Acoustic or electric piano sound along with rock and jazz organs can all be selected. Mallets and drums and a full spectrum of MIDI orchestra, band, and other instruments around the world and cartoonish sounding special effects are all part of the package. Sound is very strong through its own speakers but even more impressive output via keyboard amps. This stage digital piano has a robust, authentic musical strength. An excellent imitation jazz organ that is pleasing. Vibes, basses, distortion guitar and other MIDI representations are solid but not quite perfect, but amazing for a digital piano under a $1,000. Sounds are bold and clear. And unlike many other performance keyboards the piano sound sustains for a good amount of time.

Playing this Digital Piano:

This digital stage piano sounds and acts like an acoustic piano. It feels comfortable. The advanced AIF sound source delivers 128-notes polyphony. So 128 notes can reverberate simultaneously meaning no matter how fast you run the keys, no note will get cut off. High-precision grand piano “sampling” combined with the Casio filter provides robust, near perfect acoustic, concert grand piano sound. There are 88 scaled keys. Each key is hammer-action so there is a spring resistance. The resistance is a bit more than an acoustic piano. However, like a genuine acoustic grand piano when you slowly depress a key no sound is emitted. The downside is that the white key edges are sharp and on faster musical pieces you tend to scrape your fingers. Overall, it’s a unique, comfortable, realistic play very close to that of an acoustic piano and at the price it is amazing.

Other Digital Piano Features:

There are 2 piano settings: “classic” for soft, discreet sounding music and “modern” for a brighter, lighter character sound. Switching is achieved at the touch of a button. The panel-lock function is great for protecting you from unintentional moves that would otherwise alter your settings. However, the downside is changing settings during play becomes a 2-step process. You can transfer up to 10 songs from a computer. Additionally, as you develop your own compositions you have up to 50,000 notes of song memory available. There is a 2-way speaker system of 8 watts of output. This stage digital piano provides 70 rhythms, 60 songs and 8 digital special effects and tones.

Digital Piano Accessories:

An SD Memory Card slot for memory expansion is built-in. Two additional Pedal Terminals so you can have up 3 pedals. Two headphone jacks for private practice are a part of this digital piano. Standard ¼ inch stereo Line-IN/OUT. This allows for PA-Systems or current professional studio equipment connections. Scoreboard and music stand. AC adapter is included. USB port for PC connections is included.


The Casio PX320 is a very good stage and studio digital piano. It has advanced AIF sound providing 128 notes of polyphony reverb that is natural like an actual grand piano. There are 202 tones that include organ and drum tones. The 88 keys are weighted and spring triggered which delivers a feel very close to an acoustic piano. The Casio PX320 Digital Performance Piano is flexible enough for beginners yet dynamic enough for those already professional. Although this digital stage piano is our #1 pick it full earns its status into our Top 5 Digital Pianos.
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Casio PX320 Privia Digital Piano Main Features
128-Note Polyphony
AIF Sound Chip
202 Sounds
Spring Resistance Hammer-Action
50,000 Note Memory
Damping Pedal
Transfer 10 Songs From PC

Key Casio PX320 Privia Digital Piano Features!
Two 8 Watts Speakers
8 Digital Special Effects
2 Headphone Jacks
60 Songs
70 rhythms
SD Memory Card Slot

Bonus Features of the Casio PX320 Privia Digital Piano
3 Pedal Terminals
Scoreboard/Music Stand
USB Port for PC

Buy Casio PX320 Privia Digital Piano at Current Best Price Now!
Casio PX320 Privia Digital Piano is our # 1 on the Top 5 list = Top Digital Piano Overall + Strongest Features

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