Top 5 Digital Pianos Compared for Features/Value and Price
Casio PX110 Privia Digital Stage Piano
Price/Value 4/5
Sound Quality 4/5
Play Quality 2/5
Acoustics 3/5
Reliability 4/5
Features 4/5
Accessories 5/5
Digital Stage Piano-Casio PX110 Digital Piano
Casio PX110 Privia Digital Piano is a Valued Product
Digital Stage Piano Casio PX110 Digital Piano Price Range

Casio PX110 Privia Digital Piano

Since this digital piano has 32 notes polyphony, notes don’t get lost during damping pedal operation. A good Bass Reflex speaker system improves low frequency sounds. And this digital piano even allows you to select your own touch sensitivity. So you can configure the keyboard for different play, touch and feel, a really good feature. Other instrument sounds such as pipe organ, strings and others. A Split feature lets the keyboard of this digital piano be split into two different tones. The Layer feature allows the keyboard to double up tones so two tones can be played simultaneously. So there are many important features, but sound quality is the fundamental reason why this digital stage piano is rated so high.

Digital Piano Sound Quality:

Our research led us to an interesting source of the high quality, virtually identical acoustic grand piano sound. The Casio PX110 Privia digital Piano uses a combination of Stereo Sampling and a Tri-element ZPI Sound Source. What this approach does is break up and separate waveforms for strong key pressures, medium pressure and light key pressure. The net result is an accentuation of differences between the sounds produced by each. To further enhance the sound quality, multiple stereo-sampling of Grand Piano tones are employed. The blend of multiple samples, therefore, delivers just that much more real acoustic piano realism. So this digital piano quality is peculiarly genuine and very different from other digital stage pianos. The 32-note polyphony is lower than many other digital pianos, but it seems to hold the natural sounding reverb enough even on faster played pieces.

Playing this Digital Piano:

Because separate waveforms are used for light, medium and strong key touches, it’s more like playing a true acoustic piano. The same goes for how it feels when a key is first touched all the way through until the note decays. Therefore, the natural sound quality matches nearly one-to-one with the natural touch and feel quality. So the play experience of this digital piano is extremely nice and robust. Notes remain natural and feel natural end-to-end and thus the identical acoustic grand piano sound effect. The fact that touch sensitivity is selectable means you can fine-tune the keyboard to individual perfection. We found this could enhance playing skill through this type of configuration.

Other Digital Piano Features:

A very nice feature we found was a 2-track song memory used for storing and building songs. You can replay for review and composing. There are 11 Preset tones and 20 Rhythms. In addition, there are 8 special digital effects for unique musical enhancements.

Digital Piano Accessories:

This digital piano comes with MIDI In/Out. There are 60 Built-in Songs and Auto Accompaniment. A sustain pedal. Dual headphone jacks for private and teaching sessions. AC Adaptor is included and 2 Stereo Speakers.


Great sound quality achieved by the combination of multiple stereo sampling, Tri element ZPI and separating waveforms for strong, medium and light pressures. This state-of-the-art approach and strategy not only introduces virtually flawless grand piano natural sound, but synchronizes the touch and feel to have the same effect. Adding to this effect is the ability to configure keyboard sensitivity for an enhanced, personalized outcome. Different tones such as pipe organ, string and other tones can be played individually or two can be layered. Split operation allows the keyboard to separate the keyboard and divide it between two tones as well. In all, these powerful features and the fundamental and different approach for sound quality makes this digital piano our #4 pick.
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Casio PX110 Privia Digital Piano Main Features
Acoustical Grand Piano Sound
Solid Bass Reflex System
Split Tones Keyboard Feature
Layer Tones Keyboard Feature
Stereo Sampling
ZPI Sound Source
Separate Weighted Waveforms
Keyboard Sensitivity Configurable

Key Casio PX110 Privia Digital Piano Features!
11 Preset Tones
2-Track Song Memory
32-Notes Polyphony
8 Special Digital Effects
20 Rhythms
60 Built-in Songs

Bonus Features of Casio PX110 Privia Digital Piano
Dual Headphone Jacks

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Casio PX110 Privia Digital Piano is ranked # 4 on the Top 5 List = Good Overall + Strong Features

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