Portable GPS Global Positioning Systems-Top 5 Compared
GPS-Garmin nüvi 880 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator
Price/Value 3/5
Display 5/5
Services Available 5/5
Features 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Easy-To-Use 5/5
Battery Life 4/5
GPS-Garmin 880 Product Rated 98% for our 2008 Pick

Garmin 880 GPS Price Range

Garmin 880 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth GPS Navigator-Our # 2 pick. The Garmin 880 Global Positioning System is our # 2 pick and would have been our # 1 choice had this Global Positioning System been priced more in the range of $780 to $990. So many wonderful features are introduced in this portable GPS device. The “Most Efficient Routing” feature could even save a great deal of money in gas. New voice recognition technology provides smooth speech recognition. NAVTEQ detailed maps are built-in. Six million points-of-interest. Real street names spoken navigation. Integrated traffic received in Real Time informs you of driving conditions, road construction, freeway delays, and more. Hands-free Bluetooth mobile phone features. FM wireless MP3 and audio books players delivered through car stereo systems make this high on the list. Anti-theft, the “Where Am I”, and “Where’s My Car” technologies are also strong marks for the Garmin 880. Rich, additional features and a widescreen full color display.

The screen is a 4.3-inch widescreen full color display. This is a highly sensitive touch command screen that delivers accurate selections.

Multi-destination routing is an important feature of this GPS device more so than others. Garmin has produced a unit to provide the “most efficient route” across all destinations which will show up in serious gas savings over a year’s time from our calculations. It’s this “most efficient routing” that likely accounts for only 10 destinations at a time. The new voice recognition allows you to even speak the address you want to go to without ever touching the screen. Many large business brands are recognized and can be spoken whereby the nearest location is routed as a destination. Turn on and off voice recognition listening by the 2-button remote that easily attaches to your steering wheel. Turn-by-turn spoken detailed directions with real street name announcing are given while displaying map and direction information on the screen. You won’t even need to look at the screen because real street names are spoken along with clear, distinct navigating directions.

Journey Experience:
Enhanced MSN Direct content and the integrated GPS receiver allow you to perform many functions. Functions like checking traffic and weather conditions which really enhances driving safety and intercepts and re-routes away from delaying situations. Get current movie listings and stocks and other financial markets information. Current news and local events are localized and instantly available via this GPS device. And this new feature of comparing local gas prices could save even more money as you navigate to destinations. Integrated MP3 and audio books players delivered wirelessly through any car’s stereo means you always have your own music and content wherever you have this GPS unit. Another hidden value is in the “Garmin Lock”. The Garmin Lock is a peace-of-mind feature. This patent pending protection makes stealing the Garmin 880 virtually useless since thieves know they won’t be able to use the GPS device without the code. Also, you can have peace-of-mind knowing no one can access your personal content without the code. What we found interesting and unique about this is that you can also unlock the unit simply by going to a predetermined secure location. The “Where’s My Car” feature kicks-in when you carry this thin lightweight unit with you. Once you remove this GPS device from its mount it automatically “marks” the location globally. Then when you are in some large shopping mall parking lot this GPS instrument guides you to your car. Hikers can feel safe they can get back to their car no matter how far they stray.

Extremely complex GPS functions are easy to use out-of-the-box. Voice commands and touch screen interfacing are intuitive, anticipative and natural which delivers complex instruction sets without the complexity. Accomplish the most with the least strategies really prove themselves with the Garmin 880. Destination entries can easily be done either by voice command or a few simple touch screens. The widescreen 4.3-inch color display provides anti-glare, crisp graphics and makes viewing in sunshine or dim night easy to see.

Battery Life
On any single charge you will be able to operate approximately 4 full hours. That says a lot when we consider the rich feature delivery, high response speed and brilliant full colored 4.3-inch widescreen display. Charging is automatic in vehicles.

2-Button steering wheel mount remote control to engage and disengage voice recognition. Rechargeable battery charger adapter and connection; Preloaded City Navigator NT; vehicle suction cup mount and dashboard disc; USB 2.0 cable; Quick Start Manual; Built-in MP3 Player; Built-in audio books player. 3-Months free MSN Direct Services; Preloaded NAVTEQ premium-quality mapping and map data; microSD memory expansion slot.

The Garmin 880 surely is a “hard-to-keep-in-stock” item for good reasons. Powerful core features: Smooth new technology voice recognition commands along with voice destination entries; Gas saving via the “most efficient routing” feature… even across multiple destinations this is a power feature; Money saving localized gas comparisons for lowest gas prices; Spoken directions including real street names; Integrated traffic receivers that disclose freeway delays, accidents, traffic congestion avoidance and automatic conditions re-routing and weather conditions and route options; Bluetooth hands-free phone integration; High resolution 4.3-inch color widescreen display; Patent-pending “Garmin Lock”; Easy interface; The “Where Am I” and “Where’s My Car” technologies. Add to these core performing GPS activities an MP3 Player, Audio Books Player and JPEG-Photos viewer and you have one of the most powerful feature rich Global Positioning Systems at any price.
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Garmin 880 GPS System Main Features
“Most Efficient Routing”-Gas Saver
NAVTEQ Detailed Maps
Preloaded City Navigator NT
Multi-Destination Routing
Hands-Free Bluetooth Mobile Phone
Six Million Points-of-Interest
Latest Voice Recognition Technology
Real Street Names Spoken Navigation
“Most Efficient Route” Technology
Localized Gas Price Comparing
Full Color 4.3-Inch Widescreen

Garmin 880 GPS System Features!
FM Wireless To Car Stereo System
New Anti-Theft-Patent Pending
Voice & Touch Screen Commands
Real Time Driving Conditions Routing
“Where Am I” Technology
“Where’s My Car” Technology
4 Full Hours Single Battery Charge
Enhanced MSN Direct Content

Bonus Features of Garmin 880 GPS System
3-Months free MSN Direct Services
FM Wireless MP3 Player
2-Button Remote
Built-In Audio Books Player
JPEG-Photos Viewer
Weather Conditions Advisory

Buy Garmin 880 GPS at Current Best Price Now!
Garmin 880 is ranked # 2 on the Top 5 List = Best GPS Overall + Best Features

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