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TomTom ONE 3rd Edition 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator
Price/Value 4/5
Display 3/5
Services Available 2/5
Features 4/5
Reliability 4/5
Easy-To-Use 3/5
Battery Life 3/5
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GPS Price Range - TomTom ONE 3rd Edition

TomTom ONE 3rd Edition 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator-Our # 5 pick! TomTom ONE is an entry-level portable Global Positioning System. However, strong satellite locks are possible because of the updated chipset at the core of this GPS device. “MapShare” allows you and millions of other users to upload and download map corrections. Also, points of interest can be uploaded and downloaded.

This GPS unit has a clear, crisp display that is a touch sensitive control screen. TFT display 320x240 pixels. It’s a 3.5-inch screen that presents 2 and 3 dimensional graphics well. Multi color easy map viewing, directions and travel information represented well. The unit has an anti-glare screen which is important for mid-day glaring sun navigations.

Pre-loaded are complete maps of the United States and Canada. Driving directions, routing and maps along with mileage all in one screen contributes to effective navigating functions. Choose between optional routes: quickest, most scenic, toll-road avoidance. Built-in database provides millions of points-of-interest which can be sued as reference points for trip planning. Included are zip codes that can be used for route selecting. You can save addresses of frequent destinations into the database also. Therefore, future trip planning becomes dramatically faster. Compass Mode provides directional orientation. Navigation with TomTom ONE is adequate and simplified in many useful ways.

Journey Experience:
Voice driving instructions are available in 30 languages. But what is unique is you can also get voice instructions by comedy and celebrity voices. One of the high points of the TomTom is speed-sensitive volume. Turned on, this feature raises or lowers spoken direction volume as your vehicle speed changes. Speed-sensitive volume is a nice feature to avoid missing some directional instructions. With the included desktop computer software this device can now be customized and remain current through downloads of future services free. European safety cameras and latest maps can be downloaded. And pre-planned trip itineraries can be easily built and then uploaded to the TomTom ONE GPS unit.

The turn-by-turn voice instructions are clear and therefore allow you to keep your eyes on the road. Suction mount makes installation fast and simple. Traveling and routing information includes mileage and distances. The 320x240 pixels TFT display is crisp and multi-colored and thus provides distinctive elements. This GPS device has a CPU speed of 380 MHz! Combined, the CPU speed and the 32MB internal memory makes possible responsive interaction.

Battery Life:
TomTom ONE has a rechargeable internal Lithium Ion battery. Each charge provides approximately 3.5-hours of operation. Although this is lower than most of our Top 5 GPS devices the provided car charger keeps the Global Positioning System up and running.

Cigarette-lighter 12-Volt adapter is included. Free desktop software for map updates, future additional free services updates, European maps and safety camera zones and building trip itineraries to upload to TomTom ONE GPS unit. This software also includes free traffic alerts. A USB 2.0 cable is included. The included Compact Disc (CD) includes a comprehensive operating manual.

The TomTom ONE GPS unit is an all-in-one navigation solution at a very appealing entry-level price. MapShare technology supports map correction and personal points-of-interest (POI) along with downloading millions of other POI. The updated chipset makes satellite locks more stable. The 3.5-inch display is crisp, sharp and multi-colored to make directions distinctive and clear. CPU speed and 32MB internal memory provides for fast response. Easy mount and durable construction that operates in climate conditions of 14 degrees to 133 degrees Fahrenheit make this a low-cost, value-to-feature, entry-level navigation GPS device that is appealing.
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TomTom ONE 3rd Edition GPS Main Features
TFT 3.5-inch Screen
Detailed US & Canadian Maps
"MapShare"-Map Correcting
Turn-By-Turn Voice Instructions
Speed-Sensitive Volume
CPU Speed 380 MHz
32MB Internal Memory

Key TomTom ONE 3rd Edition GPS Features!
Anti-Glare Screen
Routing & Mileage Displayed
Optional Routes Selecting
Frequent Destinations Saving
Compass Mode
Battery Life: 3.5 Hours Per Charge
Extreme Climate Operation

Bonus Features of TomTom ONE 3rd Edition GPS
Directions-30 Languages Available
Free Desktop Software

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TomTom ONE 3rd Edition is ranked # 5 on the Top 5 list = Good Product + Fair Features

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