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Global Positioning System-Garmin nüvi 760 Portable GPS Automobile Navigator
Price/Value 5/5
Display 5/5
ServicesAvailable 5/5
Features 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Easy-To-Use 5/5
Battery Life 5/5
GPS-Garmin 760 Portable GPS Navigator Ranking 100% for Global Positioning Systems for 2008!
Garmin 760 GPS Navigators 2008 Award
Garmin 760 GPS System Price Range - Global Positioning System

Garmin nüvi 760 Portable GPS Car Navigator-Our # 1 pick. The Garmin 760 Global Positioning System is our # 1 pick. Once you see the features to value of this review you will see why. Fast satellite lock is the result of this devices’ integrated high-sensitivity receiver. The new high performance features are the Multi-Destination Routing that can save money on gas. Then there are the “Where Am I” and “Where’s My Car”. Super bright 4.3-inch color widescreen for high resolution and anti-glare display. NAVTEQ premium-detailed maps for the entire United State, Canada and Puerto Rico. Searchable are 6-million plus points-of-interest. Built-in MP3 and Audio Books players are wireless FM transmitted to any car’s stereo system. Bluetooth capability to provide hands-free mobile phone use. Spoken directions using real street names adds good clarity to navigation instructions. And navigations are also delivered through car’s stereo if you want.

You see better with this display and its touch screen is easier to control because it is a 70% larger viewing area than normal 3.5-inch GPS screens. That’s because the Garmin 760 has a full 4.3-inch widescreen display. With this color display not only are you able to select between 2D and 3D perspective view, the 70% larger viewing area shows nearby points-of-interest like parks, ATMs, gas stations, restaurants and so on. With this larger display you can make better decisions between alternate routes or whether a detour is a good idea. There is more space between the controls on the screen which makes function selecting easier and clearer to make.

NAVTEQ premium quality mapping and detailed City Navigator NT Road maps power this GPS instrument. So navigation is very accurate, and because of the GPS fast lock receiver chipset technology this Global Positioning device is very sensitive and knows its exact location on the planet. An electronic bread-crumb feature providing a trail of where you have been up to the last 10,000 points. This is a great feature to recall where you have been on the map. Very powerful is the “Multi-Destination Routing” which is new. After entering several locations into the unit it will then plot the most efficient route. Then once you discover the best route you can use “Route Planning”--that is a feature to save up to 10 different routes. Spoken directions guide you from destination-to-destination with prompts and spoken real street names along the way.

Journey Experience:
There is an integrated FM traffic receiver that provides traffic alerts from TMC Clear Channel. By tapping the screen you get re-routed away from traffic tie-ups, road construction or anything else that could delay your trip. If somehow you get off track, automatic routing quickly puts you back on the proper track. Also listen to music or audio books with the built-in MP3 and audio books players wirelessly through any car’s stereo system. The new “Where Am I” feature can be invoked by one screen tap and gives your exact longitude and latitude. It also gives nearest address and intersection, closest hospital, police and gas stations. “Where’s My Car” works great with large parking lots full of cars. “Where’s My Car” auto-marks the location where you remove the GPS unit from its mount. Then you can use the Garmin 760 to guide you back to where your car is parked. Hikers can feel safe knowing they can get back to their vehicle no matter how far they stray.

Besides spoken directions, navigation and commands the interface is easy to use. Garmin's interface is one of their key features, and one of the things that makes their devices so uncomplicated to use. Straightforward controls and sub-screens make it easy to enter or search for destinations and get data about your trip fast. Garmin has also added the ability to add custom points-of-interest from third parties such as school zones and safety cameras painlessly. Garmin 760 supports configurable vehicle icons. Customizing the interface your way contributes to the ease of use. Car-shaped icons come in a variety of colors to add your own personal touch to your vehicle's position on the map.

Battery Life
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery lasts 5 hours on a single charge.

FM Traffic receiver is integrated into the device. Recharging power cable is included. A USB 2.0 cable. Vehicle suction cup mount. Dashboard disc. Quick Start Reference Manual. Built-in MP3 and Audio Books players. Travel Tools: JPEG Picture Viewer, World Travel Clock with all time zones, currency converter, measurements converter, calculator and other tools. SD Card memory slot for plug-ins such as Garmin Travel Guides and/or Garmin Savers Guide which provides detailed information about nearby merchants and their discount offerings.

Feature values balanced to cost make this our # 1 pick. Fast satellite locking chipset GPS. Extremely accurate Global Positioning. Spoken directions including actual street names. NAVTEQ detailed mapping. New “Where Am I” and “Where’s My Car” to locate your car in large parking lots or when hiking. Bluetooth hands-free mobile phone operation. FM wireless directions, MP3 music and Audio Books transmit through any car’s stereo system. Finally, the Multi-Destination routing that delivers “most efficient route” can save money on gas that over a year’s time could be significant. These and many other none-core features make this our # 1 pick!
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Garmin 760 GPS Navigator Main Features
NAVTEQ premium-detailed maps
Chipset Fast Satellite Locks
6-million + Points-of-Interest
Bluetooth Hands-Free Mobile Phone
Spoken Directions-Real Street Names
70% Larger Display Viewing Area
Multi-Destination Routing
FM Traffic Receiver Enabled
TMC Clear Channel Traffic Alerts

Key Garmin 760 GPS Navigator Features!
Supports SD Cards
2D and 3D Perspective View
City Navigator NT Road maps
"Where’s My Car" & "Where Am I"
Bread-Crumb Trail-10,000 Places
Battery Life-5 Hours Single Charge

Bonus Features of Garmin 760 GPS Navigator
Built-in MP3 Player
Built-in Audio Books Player 
Bright 4.3-inch Color widescreen  
JPEG Picture Viewer
World Travel Clock  
Currency Converter 
Measurements Converter 

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Garmin 760 GPS is ranked # 1 on the Top 5 List = Top Reader Overall + Strong Features

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