Portable GPS Global Positioning Systems-Top 5 Compared
Garmin nüvi 350 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator
Price/Value 4/5
Display 4/5
Services Available 2/5
Features 3/5
Reliability 4/5
Easy-To-Use 4/5
Battery Life 5/5
Portable Global Positioning System-Garmin 350  Navigator

GPS-Garmin 350 Portable Global Positioning System Navigator

Garmin 350 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator-is our # 4 pick. Garmin 350 Portable Global Positioning System is our # 4 pick. However, many valuable features are built into this GPS device. Display resolution is 320x240 pixels and provides room for navigation instructions and maps. This GPS unit has internal memory of 700MB and an SD Card memory slot for expansion software. In addition to a flip-up antenna, there is an MCX connector for attaching to an external GPS antenna. Impressive is the 8 hours of battery life for each charge. Music and photos can be stored. Even translation assistance is packed into this device. Additionally, this GPS device is compatible with Garmin’s GTM 10 FM TMC traffic receiver. So you can avoid traffic delays by pushing one button that calculates an entirely new route. SIRF/WAAS-enabled 12-satellite reception is another important feature because it performs fast, strong GPS locks.

The screen is a bright 64K color resolution. It is a full 320x240 pixels 3.5-inch display. And the touch screen control with 2D and 3D perspective mapping is quite accurate and sensitive to the touch.

Built-in are detailed maps for the entire United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Turn-by-turn spoken directions and text-to-speech call outs of real street names complements the navigation experience. Re-routing is automatic when a wrong turn is made. Routes and navigation can be displayed in 2D or 3D perspectives. 3D perspectives are especially valuable when trying to get your bearings. Proximity alerts are another interesting and valuable feature. These alerts advise you of certain conditions in your surroundings. Proximity alerts can be setup for school zones, safety cameras and many other types. Extremely accurate global positioning data is the result of high-sensitivity integrated GPS receiving SIRF and WAAS-enabled, 12-satellite reception. A powerful GPS plus. Garmin’s GTM 10 FM TMC traffic receiver integration provides instant re-routing to avoid traffic tie-ups at the push of one button.

Journey Experience:
Garmin’s built-in “Travel Kit” and MP3 and audio books players delivered from the powerful speaker make the navigation experience pleasing and are added value points especially when this device is used on foot for hikes and the alike. Photo viewer for your JPEG-formatted pictures allows you to save and view pictures on this portable navigator. Included is a world travel clock complete with time zones. Not only is there a currency converter, measurement converter and calculator, the Garmin Travel Guide add-on contains Marco Polo information. Marco Polo information is in-depth travel information such as restaurant reviews, tourist attractions and other detailed information that can be instantly accessed along your route. Another add-on is Garmin’s Language Guide. This multilingual word bank, phrase bank and 5 bilingual dictionaries support 9 languages and dialects: American and British English, French, German, Italian, Brazilian and European Portuguese, European and Latin American Spanish. Lookup and translate 17,000 words and 20,000 phrases for each language. Most impressive is the text-to-speech technology that will even pronounce language entries.

This portable GPS unit mounts in minutes and is navigation ready out-of-the-box. It’s easy to view the 3.5-inch display even in direct sunlight. Garmin’s 350 portable global positioning system can be used in vehicles or on foot weighing 5.1 ounces. Unique text-to-speech calls out street names while giving directions. GTM 10 FM traffic receiver one-button push re-routing to avoid delays. It is also simple to add your own custom points of interest and proximity alerts. All of the features make this GPS navigator powerful but how simple and natural these functions are put into action makes this Global Positioning System easy to use with the least amount of effort.

Battery Life:
An internal Lithium Ion battery can last 8 hours on a single charge. If on-foot navigation is what you are interested in then this GPS device should interest you.

A simple but nice carrying case is included. An AC charger and 12-Volt power adapter are both included. Also USB cable, Quick Reference Guide, dashboard disc mount, suction cup windshield mount are part of the package. MP3 and audio books players are built right in. Currency and measurement converters, calculator and world clock with time zones are all part of the built-in features.

The GPS Garmin 350 is our # 4 choice and yet is a good value-to-cost exchange. Aside from core strengths: GPS received by SIRF and WAAS-enabled, 12-satellite reception for extremely accurate position data; text-to-speech street name call-out directions; 8 hours battery life, SD card memory expansion slot; both 12-volt and AC power adapters; built-in exclusive Garmin “Travel Kit” and many other features and add-ons are impressive. Not to forget the built-in MP3 and audio books players. Although our # 4 pick, this is a very impressive feature packed portable GPS device way beyond entry-level at a fair price.
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GPS-Garmin 350 Portable Global Positioning System Main Features
Display Resolution 320x240 Pixels
12-Satellite Reception
GTM 10 FM TMC Traffic Receiver
Text-To-Speech Technology
Weighs 5.1 Ounces
Ion Battery-8 Hours Single Charge
SIRF & WAAS-Enabled

Key Garmin 350 Portable Global Positioning System Features!
700MB Internal Memory
Flip-Up Antenna
SSD Memory Cards Slot
2D Or 3D Perspectives

Bonus Features of Garmin 350 Portable Global Positioning System
Built-In “Travel Kit”
Built-In MP3 Player
Built-In Audio Books Player
World Travel Clock
MCX Connector

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Garmin 350 GPS is our # 4 on the Top 5 List = Overall Features + Crisp Display

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