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HDD Camcorder Review::Sony DCR-SR82 1MP 60GB Hard Disk Drive Handycam Camcorder with 25x Optical Zoom (Handycam Station Included)
Price/Value 4/5

Video Quality

Video Shooting 2/5
Features 3/5
Reliability 4/5
Easy-To-Use 4/5
Battery Life 5/5
Ranked 95%-Sony DCR-SR82 1MP 60GB Hard Disk Drive Handycam Camcorder
HDD Camcorder Sony DCR-SR82 Awarded Value Product 1MP 60GB Hard Disk Drive Handycam Camcorder
Price Range-Sony DCR-SR82 1MP 60GB Hard Disk Drive Handycam Camcorder

Sony DCR-SR82 1MP 60GB Hard Disk Drive Handycam Camcorder-is our # 4 pick. The Sony DCR-SR82 is a 1-megapixel CCD HDD camcorder with a 60GB hard drive. This camcorder has a 1/6-inch Advanced Hole Accumulation Diode CCD. This means 690k effective video pixels and is one reason detail and clarity is intense. Complimented by the Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens increased contrast and more is possible. The high resolution 2.7-inch LCD widescreen display is also touch-panel swivel screen. This HDD camcorder has One-Touch wide angle shooting of 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. There is a progressive shutter system. Also, a special picture stabilization system is built-in. One-Touch-Disc burning. And Hard Drive Smart Protection is all part of this camcorder. Night shot infrared system. Several scene modes and dozens of input and output camera/video settings also make this an important 2008 pick. All of this and this HDD camcorder meets NTSC color and EIA standards.

Video Quality:
CCD is a full 1-megapixel. To be exact this technology is a 1-megapixel Advanced HAD CCD Imager. Because there is a full 1/6-inch Advanced Hole Accumulation diode, in effect you get delivered video pixels of 690k and up to 520 lines of horizontal resolution. Therefore, the tremendous detail and clarity in the end result video was no surprise to us. Digital still photo images are 1-megapixels so they are clear and distinct representations. However, without the proper lens delivery none of this would matter. Therefore, complementing these is the Professional-quality Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens. This advanced multi-layer coating provides increased contrast and thus delivers image brilliance and true-to-life color saturation. Part of the results is subtle tone rendering near perfect. Therefore, with the combination of advanced optics and Advanced HAD CCD Imager, professional quality can be delivered. 

Videoing Experience:
SteadyShot technology stabilizes video and stills. This picture stabilizing system provides a higher range for shake and vibration frequencies. This means a higher level of smoothness without image degradations. Excellent definition is achieved by the Progressive Shutter System. Two mechanisms: Progressive-scan and Interlaced scanning cooperate to make stills sharp and clear. One-touch wide-angle shooting easily swaps between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. Swivel screen LCD rotates 270 degrees allowing multiple viewing angles. Zooming is accomplished by 2 approaches: Optical and Digital. Optical zooms 25x (times) while digital increases this to 2000x. What this means are far-away scenes can be brought in very close without distortion. This is done by the combination of optical lens and digital interpolations. Built-in stereo microphone provides clear, crisp sound recording.

HDD Camcorder Safety Features:
The “3G Sensor” and HDD Smart Protection combine to ensure the HDD camcorder’s safety. HDD camcorders are fundamentally hard drive based just like computers. Hard drives accomplish saving and outputting data via high speed spinning discs. Any shock to these hard drives can damage or destroy them. The Sony DCR-SR82 overcomes this by shock absorbers as a first line of defense. This protects the camcorder from physical damage if dropped. Secondly, the “3G Sensor” technology detects a drop or “loss of gravity” and immediately power to the hard drive is turned off which thus removes disc writers off the disc so they cannot be damaged. What is interesting is that while the drop takes place power remains on to the camcorder and recording video continues and is placed in a RAM buffer. Then once the camcorder recovers from the drop the buffer flushes what was recorded during the fall to the hard drive.

Contributing to ease-of-use is the swivel LCD screen that rotates 270 degrees which makes shooting from different angles possible. One-touch wide angle switches and zooming stability also contributes. Up to 40 hours of video shooting circumvents having to stop to back up and open up space. So there are fewer interruptions. This camcorder’s 2.7-inch bright display makes reading the settings, controls and status very easy. And the touch-control panel makes functionality easy and intuitive. The “Handycam Docking Station” simplifies re-charging, connection to TVs for viewing or to PC computers for editing and sharing. The software included makes editing, composing and mixing video footage with still shots easy to wrap into a customized viewing experience that can be simply burned onto DVDs that can be used on any DVD player.

Along with the versatile software package are many other important accessories and enhancements. These are the USB 2.0 interface as a way to connect to a PC computer and make fast transfers for external storage, archiving and backups. This HDD camcorder can also double as a storage device. Because of the large 60GB internal hard drive you can upload any kind of data from one PC and transport it to another PC computer. “Easy PC Backup” is software that provides a convenient, fast way to back-up all your video footage. Slot for Memory-Stick Duo® memory stick media devices for saving and transferring. Included is the Handycam Docking Station. AC Adapter for charging.

True, the Sony DCR-SR82 HDD Camcorder is our #4 pick but by no means does that minimize the quality and power contained in this feature packed camcorder. The 60GB hard drive delivers 40 hours of (LP) recording time, 14 hours of (HQ) and 21 hours of (SP) recording time. SteadyShot Image Stabilization delivers smooth video at higher vibration and shake frequencies. A 2.7-inch LCD widescreen touch panel display presents intuitive and easy command and viewing. HDD Smart Protection and 3G Sensor technologies keep the hard drive safe in any normal shooting even when camcorder is dropped. The Handycam Docking Station and easy to use free software are significant. Super NightShot Plus infrared; on-screen zoom and record buttons; several scene mode selections; picture effects; fader effects; InfoLithium battery and AccuPower Meter and multi-language functions. These and many other meaningful video shooting enhancements compelled us to include this HDD camcorder among the Top 5 HDD Camcorders as our #4 pick for 2008.
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Camcorder Sony DCR-SR82 1MP 60GB Hard Disk Drive Handycam Camcorder Main Features
1-Megapixel CCD
1/6-Inch Hole Accumulation Diode
Advanced HAD CCD Imager
Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens
2.7-Inch LCD Widescreen Display
Swivel 270 Degree LCD
3G Sensor Safety
40-Hrs (LP) Video
14-Hrs (HQ) Video
21-Hrs (SP) Video
NTSC color & EIA Standards

Key Sony DCR-SR82 HDD Camcorder Features!
60GB Internal Hard Drive
One-Touch Wide Angle Shooting
Optical Zooms 25x
Digital Zoom 2000x
AccuPower Meter
One-Touch-Disc Burning

Bonus Features of Sony DCR-SR82 HDD Camcorder
One-Touch-Disc Burning
Handycam Docking Station
Slot For Memory-Stick Duo® Media
USB 2.0 Interface Cable

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Sony DCR-SR82 HDD Camcorder is our # 4 on the Top 5 List = Overall Features + Crisp Video

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