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HDD Camcorder JVC Everio GZMG155 1MP 30GB Hard Disk Drive Camcorder with 32x Optical Zoom (Includes Docking Station)
Price/Value 4/5

Video Quality

Video Shooting 2/5
Features 4/5
Reliability 4/5
Easy-To-Use 3/5
Battery Life 3/5
Rank for Camcorder JVCE verio GZMG155
A Valued Product-JVC Everio GZMG155 1MP 30GB Hard Disk Drive Camcorder
HDD Camcorder JVC Everio GZMG155 Price Range

JVC Everio GZMG155 1MP 30GB Hard Disk Drive Camcorder-Our # 5 pick! The JVC Everio GZMG155 is our #5 pick. However, there are still many valuable reasons why some may consider this camcorder. This is a lightweight compact camcorder. Yet as much as 37 hours of video can be shot before running out of hard disc space. This HDD camcorder can take nearly 10,000 photos. It zooms 32x (times) and this is an optical zoom not digital zooming. The JVC Everio GZMG155 includes a docking station. Special consideration in design was given to hard disk protection and stability. Quick shooting restarts in approximately 1-second. Memory expansion slots for both SD Memory cards and high capacity, high speed SDHC memory cards. 4-way one-finger stick control for functions and operation control. Battery status at 1-Button push whether camcorder is on or off. Self-timer, noise elimination, “White Balance”, and multi-language on-screen menu provides additional value.

Video Quality:
Completely redesigned image processor gains 30% improvement. Particularly the S/N ration was improved. Improvements are the result of 6 digital noise reduction systems. Added to these is the MPEG-2 encoder circuitry. The outcome is “Block Noise” and “Mosquito Noise” reductions. This is for both DVD-Movie quality and Economy Mode. The New MPEG-2 data compression circuitry introduces another value point: “Turbo Variability Bit Rate”. The Turbo Variability Bit Rate system maintains close to 8.5 Mbps on average which is quite high. However, what is really important is when sudden fast movements take place unexpectedly in your shot this “Turbo Variability Bit Rate” kicks-in and increases the 8.5 Mbps sharply to capture the shooting action at high definition.

Videoing Experience:
A widescreen LCD 2-11/16-inch display presents functions, controls and status along with shoot scenes. This HDD camcorder can zoom 32x optically and up to 800x combined with digital optic zoom. So if zooming in-and-out is important then this could be something to focus in on. Including the battery, this HDD camcorder weighs less than 1-pound so maneuvering is very convenient. The internal 30GB hard drive allows long hours of continuous use, 7 hours in DVD-Movie quality and 37 hours of shooting in Economy Mode. So a lot can be videoed before you need to burn videos to DVD or backup on a PC computer. Starting and stopping presents no problem of overwriting existing video footage because this camcorder automatically starts again on free space. Yet for scenes you want to delete you can navigate, select and erase. Because this is an HDD camcorder there is never the need to pop-in and out recorder able media such as DVDs which makes it more convenient to use.

HDD Camcorder Safety Features:
Most impressive are the built-in safety/protection features. Hard disc drives are high speed spin mechanisms that can easily be destroyed by any sudden shock. HDD camcorders by nature are hard drive based (HDD). Therefore, special designs must anticipate unexpected accidents such as dropping, banging, or other ways these camcorders can be put into harm’s way. The JVC Everio GZMG155 has designed-in special safeguards. One safeguard is the “Floating Suspension”. Fundamentally these are shock absorbers made out of polymer that in effect dampen vibrations. Thus, you can shoot videos in active ways without serious shock ever reaching the hard drive mechanisms. Also designed-in is a “Gravity Sensor System”. This was quite interesting because it acts as a silent “drop protection” system. What this Gravity Sensor System does, in essence, is automatically detect any sudden accelerating condition such as free falling (dropping the camcorder). Instantly camera power is turned off. Additionally, the hard drive writing heads are disengaged immediately. What this does is virtually protect this HDD camcorder from any disc damage to the HDD camcorder. That’s not to say the camcorder is impervious to damage, but that it is completely safe against any normal problem situation that could be encountered in typical video shooting.

The “Quick Restart” feature makes it easy to point-and-shoot in about 1-second. So you won’t need to exhaust the battery in fear of missing some scene of interest. Instead, you can almost immediately begin shooting. There is no need to rewind or fast-forward through hours and hours of video to reach a viewing point of interest. Instead, are thumbnail images that you can click to jump you to the place you want to be. So sifting through accumulated footage is fast and easy. The 4-way stick-shift control acts like a compass action that allows stepping to and through every operation of this HDD camcorder using 1-finger actions. A circular control operates everything from menu item selections, manual camera settings to all the playback features and controls. One nice feature is the ability to push one button and get the status of how much battery life is left both in percentage and minutes. That status is available whether the camcorder is on or off.

Included is battery charging and docking station. There are both SD Memory card slot along with SDHC high capacity, high speed memory slot. So even if you are not able to backup or burn a DVD you are not limited to the 30GB internal hard drive space, you can obtain expanded memory from any place where digital equipment is available.

Although this HDD camcorder is our #5 pick, it is still considered a high value HDD camcorder product. With a 30GB internal hard drive as much as 37 hours of videoing can be done in Economy Mode and 7 hours in DVD-Movie quality. 10,000 still photos can be taken. Simple in-camera file editing and play list functions allow putting scenes in the order you want without external editing. PC-less DVD creation is possible using the optional Everio Share Station via USB connection. 6-digital noise reduction/canceling systems improve S/N ratio by 30%. MPEG-2 encoder reduces “Block/Mosquito” noise. “Turbo Variable Bit Rate” that sharply increases beyond 8.5 Mbps automatically for sudden fast action moving scenes quality improvements. Floating Suspension and Gravity Sensor System technology provides drop detection and hard drive protections. SD Memory card and SDHC high speed high capacity card expansion slots. In all, many reasons why this HDD camcorder is found among our Top 5 HDD Camcorders, especially when value and features are compared to price.
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HDD Camcorder JVC Everio GZMG155 Camcorder Main Features
30GB Internal Hard Drive
6 Noise Reductions Systems
Optical 32x Zoom

High Speed SDHC Memory Slot

Redesigned-30% Gain
New MPE2 Data Compression
Turbo Variability Bit Rate
Widescreen LCD 2-11/16-Inch
Gravity Sensor System

Key JVC Everio GZMG155 HDD Camcorder Features!
Drop Protection
37-Hrs LP Video
7-Hrs DVD-Movie Quality
Quick 1-Second Restarts
4-Way Stick-Shift Control
SD Memory Card Slot
“Block/Mosquito” Noise Block
Average Bit Rate-8.5 Mbps
Less Than 1-Pound
1-Button Push Battery Status
800x Digital Zoom

Bonus Features of JVC Everio GZMG155 HDD Camcorder
10,000 Still Photos
Free Desktop Software

Buy HDD Camcorder JVC Everio GZMG155 at Current Best Price Now!
JVC Everio GZMG155 is ranked # 5 on the Top 5 list = Good Product + Fair Features

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